CatSkin - Complete Skincare for Life

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Why Us? Loyalty Discounts, Long Expiry Dates, Genuine Stock, Fast Despatch

Cat’Skin - Complete Skincare for Life - Veterinary Strength for Cats

Cat’Skin is the best veterinary strength formula to support healthy clear skin and a perfect shiny coat.

Cat’Skin combines all the benefits of naturally sourced ingredients, to support the needs of any cats with skin challenges, including hair loss, itchy flaky skin, and weak, dull hair.

It is a unique formulation combining premium targeted nutrients for optimum skin health in all cats. Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) from Salmon Oil promote strong, shiny hair, while a blend of bio-available sources of calcium and sulphur give your cat the nutritional tools required for optimum hair growth. The amino acid taurine is provided, a lack of which can result in hair loss, and the vitamin biotin helps to support nail strength and growth.

Of all the vitamins, Vitamin D is most important to skin health. The inclusion of Vitamin D, known as the sunshine vitamin, is particularly relevant to house cats who, with their restricted or non-existent access to the outdoors, can miss out on the natural source.

Cat’Skin provides the ultimate nutritional support for perfect skin health and coat condition.

Feeding Directions
Cat’Skin comes in a fine powder which can be easily mixed with wet food.
For cats up to 4kg - feed 1 scoop per day
For cats 5kg and above - feed 1.5 scoops per day
Key ingredients:
  • MSM - supports good quality hair and clear healthy skin
  • Omega 3 and 6 - for a rich deep shiny coat
  • Taurine and Biotin - contribute to healthy hair and nail strength
  • Vitamins A, E and B - support general good health
  • Marine algae - comforts sore, dry and irritated skin

Ingredients Composition

Yeast product, Calcium carbonate, Methyl sulphonyl methane (104g), Salmon oil, Chlorella (dried, 52g), Calcium hydroxyapatite, Glutamine, Milk protein powder, Seaweed meal, Dextrin.

Additives Nutritional

Selenised yeast inactivated (E3b8.10, 2090 mg, 2.08 mg Selenium), Zinc oxide (E6, 4570 mg, 3290 mg Zinc), Biotin (11.7 mg), Inositol (1100 mg), Nicotinamide (1130 mg), Pantothenic acid (1230 mg), Vitamin A (E672, 153000 I.U.), Vitamin B1 (329 mg), Vitamin B12 (4.9 mg), Vitamin B2 (244 mg), Vitamin B6 (328 mg), Vitamin D3 (E671, 18300 I.U.), Vitamin E (3a700, 13100 I.U.), Taurine (17900 mg).

Supplied Size: 60g - offers a 30 day supply

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Additional Information
SKU 5032410721812
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